About Cake, Baking, and Sugar:

My favorite section of this whimsical site is “Cakewalks” (great name if I say so myself!) — a travel guide for everyone with a sweet tooth. But there are also interviews, recipes, a shop, and more.

Bay Area cupcakes go mobile! Cupkates is the first cupcake truck to hit the streets of Berkeley. Their cupcakes are fabulous and again, how can you beat the name? Look for our interview coming up in the blog.

The Candy Store
The name says it all. My neighborhood (that’s San Francisco’s Nob Hill/Russian Hill) candy store, stocking classic favorites and incredible artisan sweets.

About Sylvia Plath:

A celebration, this is
A terrific site by Peter Steinberg, an avid and knowledgeable Plath fan, with several image galleries and lots of information.

About Motherhood:
The brainchild of former corporate attorney Amy Keroes, MommyTracked knows that every working mother needs a team behind her. And sometimes she just wants to know what Michelle Obama is wearing today.

Places & Organizations I Like:

The Center for Fiction
Formerly the Mercantile Library in Manhattan, the Center for Fiction is the only organization in the U.S. devoted to the art of fiction. A great library, a beautiful reading room, and lots of public programs.

KCRW’s Bookworm with Michael Silverblatt
Michael Silverblatt is one of the most incisive readers ever, and his radio show Bookworm is a thought-provoking delight.

Lannan Foundation
An American family’s vision has become one of the most forward-thinking philanthropic organizations in the world of the arts and cultural freedom. Check out their website’s incredible wealth of audio and video archives showcasing writers and inspired thinkers in conversation.

The MacDowell Colony
The MacDowell Colony, one of the oldest artists’ colonies in the U.S., is a model of generosity and support for artists.

Poet’s House
Poet’s House is an incredible national resource for poetry located in lower Manhattan. They may have the best collection of poetry in the country, plus lots of public programs and a wonderful new building.

Redroom, the brainchild of Ivory Madison, is an online community of writers from all over the world — a place for writers and readers to connect.

Founded on the principal that it takes a village to be a writer these days, novelist Kamy Wicoff launched SheWrites for women writers to share their experiences and expertise and stop having to reinvent the wheel on their own.

I admit it — for me, reading the dictionary is better than a Hawaiian vacation.

People Who Regularly Make My Day:

Sylvia Brownrigg’s Website
Is it possible to be the author of staggeringly beautiful fiction, droll of wit, gorgeous and modest all at the same time? My answer to you: Sylvia Brownrigg.

Beth Kephart’s Blog
Acclaimed memoirist and novelist Beth Kephart has the most insightful, inspiring blog I know, the result of having an enormous heart and a brilliant mind.

Mary Pols’ Blog
Movie critic and author of the memoir Accidentally on Purpose: The True Tale of a Happy Single Mother, Mary Pols is funny, opinionated, tender, and refreshingly normal. I would go to any movie she recommends but I will never try the GOOP diet again (see her January 2009 blog).

Rahna Reiko Rizzuto’s Blog
Rahna Reiko Rizzuto is an award-winning novelist whose memoir, Hiroshima in the Morning, is coming out in fall 2010.  She’s one of the most centered people I’ve ever met. Every time I read her words my heart slows down, and I’m more in the world than I was before.

The Tipsy Baker Blog
Literary critic and culinary archaeologist Jennifer Reese is hilarious and smart, and occasionally makes rash decisions about the raising of large members of the poultry family so you don’t have to.

Nancy Manter’s Website
Nancy Manter’s breathtaking abstract paintings defy categorization: they are collage works of chance moments and childhood memories, the natural world and the telltale marks of human presence.