In honor of the Homeless Guy who returned my lost phone after finding it in the middle of Haight Street yesterday, and to celebrate my brownie recipe’s brush with greatness in the New York Times, the first Cakewalk Contest: guess how many pounds of chocolate I have in my pantry right now — extra credit for what kind of chocolate — and you could win an autographed copy of Cakewalk, A Memoir delivered to your door.

Deadline to enter: Midnight on Sunday, May 26, 2010. Enter here, or at my Facebook Page (Kate Moses).

Here’s a hint: it’s less than 100, and more than the weight of the average baby…

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2 Responses to “CAKEWALK CONTEST!!”

  1. Kimmelin Hull

    Seriously? No one took you up on the offer to enter the contest? I’m nearly done with Cakewalk–the signed copy I picked up from you following your (awesome) reading at Palo Alto’s Books Inc. store a couple weeks ago…but a signed copy to pass on to my mother would be fantastic. So…(I know the contest date is passed…but since no one else has taken the bait, I’ll go for it):

    17 pounds…high quality dark (Ecuadorian? Maybe Peruvian?) at least 75% cacao.

    There, that’s my guess.

    now onto my own blog post about the wonderful banana bread recipe I found on Mothers Who Think…which I altered with goat cheese and (yep, you guessed it) super high quality chocolate splinters!

  2. kate

    Well I did get entrants on my facebook page, but you’re the only one who came to the blog! And you’re the closest by far! I had 18.5 pounds of chocolate in my pantry…mostly Trader Joe’s Belgian Pound Plus bars (milk, dark, 70 percent dark), plus some Ghiradelli unsweetened and some Mexican chocolate…

    So give me your address and your mom’s name!

    I’ll check out your banana bread recipe too…did you see mine in my blog? With milk chocolate chunks, walnuts and espresso powder…

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